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Cardiac Science

One of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the region, the Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Sciences at KVT Hospital offers advanced cardiology, interventional cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation services for adults.
Designed to function like an independent heart hospital in Chennai, the centre has an outpatient division, an inpatient division, a day care section, a state-of-the-art cardiovascular imaging section including a dedicated interventional cardiology wing, dedicated cardiac ICUs and a 24-hour Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic to handle all emergencies.
The exceptional team of doctors comprising Adult Cardiologists/Interventional Cardiologists and Interventional Radiologists offers optimal, evidence-based treatment to patients, with the help of trained nurses, technicians, dieticians and rehabilitation experts. They follow a unique heart team approach to ensure personalised treatment to patients by discussing each and every case in detail as a team and deciding the best way forward.
KVT Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Sciences offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic medical technology to ensure high-precision diagnosis, accurate treatment and best possible medical outcomes.

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